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Our attention has been drawn to a publication containing research purportedly written by one of the Part Time Postgraduate Diploma Students in the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Lagos - Stanley Amalaha, titled “Science of Gay Marriage” in THISDAY Newspapers of 5th September, 2013 and on several blogs on the Internet.

The University of Lagos writes to dissociate itself in its entirety from the actions, publications and research of this individual. We further state, for the avoidance of doubt, that his publication has nothing to do with his programme and has no relationship to his studentship of the University. Indeed our postgraduate diploma students ordinarily only take conversion courses to improve their capability for the chosen specialization and do not undertake research. The case of the writer who has a background in Education (Chemistry) is not different.

Although the University is a market place of different views and ideas, its platform should not be used for the propagation of ill-conceived, unsubstantiated and ill-digested opinions that have no basis in rigorous empirical research. The University of Lagos, which stands for excellence in teaching and research, cannot and should not be associated with such puerile and pseudo-scientific postulations.

The University reaffirms its mission, which is to be a top-class institution for the pursuit of excellence in knowledge through learning and research as well as in character and service to humanity.
Toyin Adebule,
Deputy Registrar
Posted on 20, Sep 2013
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