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Head of Department : Prof. G. C. llogu
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The philosophy of the Unit is based on the general philosophy of secondary education which are:

The student should be able to:

1.  Apply philosophical assumptions to solve educational problems as they affect the Nigerian child.  

2.   Identify, enumerate and discuss sociological principles as they affect the society, the family and the child in the educational processes.

 3.  Discuss the implications of the study of comparative education with a view  to understand and improve the  educational system inNigeria.

4.   Understand and apply the knowledge and principles of human growth and development as well as human learning to educational practice.

5. Develop the ability and sensitivity for understanding tests and measurement in education and their implications for assessing the Nigeria child.

6.  Acquire some theoretical, philosophical and practical bases for counselling the the Nigerian child.

7.  Develop research capability on topics relevant to Social and psychological Foundations of Education.
8. Provide assistance to secondary school students in accomplishing their developmental tasks through guidance and Counselling

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