Head of Department : Dr. S. A. Oyebade
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 Brief History of the Department  

 The Department existed as Department of Educational Administration and Curriculum Studies from 1967 to 1975. In October 1975, it became the Department of Educational Administration.

Philosophy and Objectives of the Department

The philosophy, objectives and content of academic programmes in Educational Administration are such as the contribute in the attainment of the University of Lagos vision and mission and to meet the required minimum academic standards in Educational Administration as set by the National Universities Commission (NUC).  Based on these, the philosophy of Educational Management/ Administration is the acquisition of appropriate managerial skills, abilities and competences that would enable the prospective educational managers and administrators to cope with the demanding leadership challenges facing the current and future Nigerian education at all levels. Above all, the department aims at enabling its students imbibe the spirit and culture of both entrepreneurship and interpreneurship.

Educational Administration as a discipline of study is therefore expected specifically to:

(a)   provide highly motivated, conscientious and efficient educational managers at all levels of education in the system;

(b)  encourage the spirit of enquiry and creativity in the students;

(c)  help educational managers to fit into the community and society at large and enhance commitment to national objectives;

(d)  provide educational managers with the intellectual and professional   background adequate for their assignment and to make them adaptable to any changing situation, not only in the life of their country but also in the wider world; and

 (e) enhance teachers’ commitment to the teaching profession to make them adequate for their assignments and to make them adaptable to any changing situation.


Academic members of staff are engaged in teaching, research and community service. They have published in local and international journals. The staff respectively also belongs to several national and international professional associations including Nigerian Association for Educational Administration and Planning (NAEAP); Educational Studies Association of Nigeria (ESAN); Chartered Institute of Administration (CIA); Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) and the Nigerian Academy of Education (NAE). While, for example, one of the staff is Assistant National Secretary of NAEAP, another two are President and Training Consultant of CIA respectively.



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