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Head of Department : Prof. C. C. Opara
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Department of Arts and Social Sciences Education

Brief History of the Department

Arts and Social Sciences Education as the new name of the Department took effect in 2005/2006 session following the splitting of the former Department of Curriculum Studies into two.  The new name was informed by the fresh orientation/philosophy lately envisioned for the department as articulated below.

Philosophy of the Department

The department is poised, as its vision, to produce first class teachers in liberal Arts and Social Sciences who are adequately equipped to face the challenges of education in the new millennium.  Making teachers more relevant and more resourceful is the hub of the philosophy.


Teaching and Research remain the traditional activities of the department which lead to award of First and Postgraduate degree certificates in education.  In addition, the department has introduced a new orientation to bear on such activities as Teaching Practice and Conferences.  For example, the period of Teaching Practice has been elongated to give the teacher trainees more time to learn the culture of their host schools and to give the supervisors more time to correct and guide the teacher trainees on the spot.  Regarding the conferences, a new dimension has been introduced as the conferences are not organized periodically to seek solutions to nutty problems in Education from various experts.  Writing the undergraduate projects and the post graduate dissertations has been refocused, first to make the students more serious in terms of prudent time management and secondly to make their research society compliant.  Exposing our students to the use of new Educational technologies in teaching and research occupies a place of prime in the new package.

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